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What it takes to be a great cleaner

One of the questions I have been asked before is “what does it take to be a great cleaner?”. It’s a great question and I love it when someone asks me, because it gives me the opportunity to showcase the skills that our team members already have. The thing is, being a cleaner isn’t exactly regarded as a ‘sexy’ or ‘cool’ job to have in our culture, and I’m personally on a mission to change this perception.

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Kayleigh completes her QA Apprenticeship at Get It Done Cleaning Fife

Kayleigh (left), our Office Administrator here at Get It Done Cleaning Fife, has just completed her QA Apprenticeship qualification. We thought it was perfect timing to ask Kayleigh a few questions about her first year at Get It Done Cleaning and how she feels about completing her qualification. Hi Kayleigh, congratulations on completing your apprenticeship!…