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As far a household chores go, oven cleaning is up there as one of the most hated and time consuming. Understandably, few people wish to spend their free time with their heads in the oven inhaling cleaning fumes, and as most of us use our ovens daily, this dreaded task is required regularly.

Quickly cleaning up spillages and grease after every use will go some way to putting off a bigger, more intensive clean. However, at least every couple of months (if not more regularly) you should be cleaning your oven fully and properly.

As for many of us, just the idea of this task is tiresome. Pulling in a professional to tackle this tedious and gruelling task can be well worth it with many benefits, some of which I’d like to share to show you that having your oven cleaned doesn’t need to result in you pulling your hair out.

One – Professionals have the right tools for the job

It’s near impossible to clean an oven properly without basically taking it apart. If the idea of taking your oven doors off hasn’t already put you off, figuring how to fit them in your sink to clean will almost certainly lead you to throw in the towel before you’ve even started.

The good news is, professionals have both the mechanical and cleaning know how to take this job off your hands. Professional cleaners will be able to take off doors and dismantle opponents, such as the fan, with ease, allowing them to give your oven a more thorough clean and prevent any DIY disasters that leave you eating microwave meals for a week.

Two – Saves you valuable time

Undoubtedly, fully cleaning your oven isn’t a ten minute job and more likely to take you all afternoon. For people on a busy schedule or hectic family life, oven cleaning, like many aspects of housekeeping, can fall quite far down the priority list due to the time consuming nature of the chore. However, in these cases having a clean oven is important. Not only will hiring someone to clean your oven prevent you from having to put an afternoon aside, a clean oven distributes heat more evenly and heats up quicker, making it and meal times more efficient in the long run. Therefore, there is an abundance of time to be saved from having your oven professionally cleaned.

Three – Decreases your energy bill

Having a clean oven not only saves time, but also saves you money. When an oven is clean inside and out, it takes less time to heat to the desired temperature and heats the food evenly. This will decrease usage time which saves energy and therefore, money.

In addition, a clean oven door will allow you to see food through the glass without having to open it to check on food. This allows a vast amount of heat to escape, resulting in the oven having to partially reheat and in doing so use more energy. Furthermore, cleaning of your oven is basic maintenance, which will ensure the smooth running and general condition of the oven. The better kept it is, the longer is will last.

Four – Keeps your family and home safe

Nobody would like the thought of a constant fire and health hazard in their kitchen. However if your oven is in desperate need of a clean, that’s exactly what you have. If grease and dirt is allowed to build up around hobs and the internal fan, there is a greater risk of fire, not to mention an unimaginable amount of bacteria – not an ideal environment for cooking your food. Regular cleaning of your oven will prevent the build up of oil and dirt, preventing the attraction of bacteria and risk of fire.

Five – Improves the quality of your food

Even Gordon Ramsay’s food would taste mediocre in a dirty oven. The quality of your food is drastically decreased if the oven it is cooked in isn’t clean. An unclean oven will not distribute heat evenly and there will also be old grease and spillings cooking and evaporating into the same atmosphere as your cooking dinner – not a pleasant thought! Keep your food’s quality high and it tasting delicious by constantly moping up spills and regularly cleaning the whole of your oven.

Is it time for a professional oven cleaner?

A lot has to be gained from cleaning your oven regularly and it’s a chore you shouldn’t feel guilty or lazy for reassigning to a professional. Few people have the time, patience or ability to clean their oven fully and sufficiently and therefore it’s highly advisable to pull in a professional. Professional oven cleaning will save you time, ensure the safety and maintenance of your oven, keep it producing high quality food and increase your oven’s life span. The only thing you have to lose is grease and dirt!

Keep it clean!


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