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When we use the same piece of furniture every day, we tend to not notice it ageing and wearing, until eventually one day our attention is drawn towards something that makes our worn out sofa difficult to ignore and even more difficult to restore.

One of the attractive benefits of leather is that it’s durable and lasts longer than other material, however this lifespan can be stretched even further with proper maintenance and care.

As leather is preserved animal skin, it should be cared for in ways similar to how we would care for our own skin. Professional leather cleaning can keep it looking good, similarly some professional products can assist in keeping your leather moisturised in the same way our skin needs to be. Younger skin holds more water, giving it a plump fuller look and the same applies to leather. As our leather wears and ages it can dry out and therefore using various products can assist in keeping your leather looking like new.

Many people find the idea of regularly cleaning their furniture tiresome, expensive and unnecessary. However, the benefits of maintaining your leather outweighs the costs and therefore having you leather cleaned is more than worth it. Here are five benefits of professional leather cleaning.

Five benefits of professional leather cleaning

One – Prevents damaging and soiling

The most common soiling of leather is simply general grime caused by handling and dirt and oil from our clothes and skin which, over time, will break down the leather’s protective coating.

Other damage may occur through dye transfer onto light coloured leather. Regularly cleaning your leather will not only remove this dirt and oil and protect your leather, but will maintain the condition and moisture balance which is important for keeping the leather supple, making it less likely to absorb spillages and other foreign substances.

Prolonged exposure to dirt and oils are the main cause of damage to leather. Therefore, it’s important to regularly clean your leather as this will also help prevent the absorption of dirt and oils, making future cleaning easier.

Two – Prolongs pigmentation

It’s likely the colour and shade of your leather furniture was selected strategically to match a room or other furniture, and therefore you want the colour to last. Pigmentation in many materials can fade and suffer and unfortunately leather is no exception.

Furniture regularly comes in contact with oils from our skin as well as sunlight, and therefore the pigment in the leather can be compromised to fade and become bleached. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your leather furniture can remove pigment damaging oils and some products can top up and revitalise the pigment.

Three – Maximises comfort

It goes without saying that sitting on plump supple leather is far preferable and more comfortable than sinking in to leather that is cracked and sagged. Keeping your leather furniture maintained will prevent it looking wrinkled and deflated.

Simple maintenance such as wiping down your leather, using a leather protectors and keeping it out of direct sunlight can keep your furniture looking and feeling comfortable.

As leather was once the skin of an animal, it naturally adapts to our body heat to ensure maxim comfort, another characteristic that will perform best when the leather is cared for properly.

Four – Increases durability

Leather furniture can be seen as more of an investment and therefore you want it looking its best for as long as possible. Caring for your leather effectively will keep it strong, durable and looking great for significantly longer than uncared for furniture. Well looked after leather furniture will last a life time.

Five – Sustainable resale value

As leather furniture can be an expensive investment, it would be a bonus if it could generate some return after use by having the option to sell it. Of course, when buying second hand leather furniture it would be an unrealistic expectation for it to be literally ‘as good as new’, however if the furniture has been well maintained and still looks of decent quality, you can justify a higher second-hand price.

Is it time for professional leather cleaning?

The overall look and feel of your leather furniture can last a life time with regular maintenance and cleaning. Quickly wiping your leather once a week will prevent any dirt and oil settling, keeping the leather supple and easier to clean more thoroughly. Professional leather cleaning once or twice a year will help maintain the condition of the leather, keeping it supple and pigmented.

Keep it clean!


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